First Universal Studios Experience

On Friday, I’ve finally visited UniversalStudios in Singapore since its official opening in May. It’s my firstUniversal Studios experience so I was pretty excited over it!

We started the day early and reached Vivo City’s monorailstation around 10 something but there was already a crowd queuing to get theirmonorail tickets. Luckily, we are locals, so we used our EZ-link card to getpass the gates and take our monorail. We got down at the next station,Waterfront station and bought our entrance tickets which cost S$72 at thecounter. Luckily, the queue was short (since the crowd is still back in Vivo City)and we barely waited for a minute! And so our adventures started!

Our plan (if you call it a plan =p) is to slowly warm up andtake the easy rides first and leave the thrilling rides till the last. So we turnedleft into Madagascar zone and took the kids-friendly river boat ride “ACrate Adventure”. The animals are cute and funny but it’s just a prettynormal ride without any thrills or excitement.

Next, we moved on to Far Far Away land to try out the juniorroller coaster, “Enchanted Airways”. It was a prelude to the morethrilling “Battlestar Galactica” ride later. After my experience onthis junior roller coaster, I told my friend that I don’t want to try”Battlestar Galactica” anymore. Please don’t laugh at me! You mustunderstand that it takes a lot of courage for me to try the roller coasterrides as I’m slightly acrophobic! =p

After the ride, we decide to go for something more relaxing, sowe went for the 4D animation “Shrek 4-D Adventure”. It was a reallyfun experience as you can see, hear and feel the action right from your seat asPrincess Fiona and Shrek embark on their fairy-tale adventure. I’m quite surethat both kids and adults will enjoy the show. Oh, those who are afraid ofcreepy crawlies, beware! LOL

The Lost World was next in line. I was hoping to try out thewater raft ride in “Rapids Adventure”. I even prepared another set ofclothing in case I get wet during the ride. But much to our disappointment, theride was under maintenance and won’t back till early next year.

By then, the skies were getting dark and a heavy downpour seemedto be inevitable. So, we decided to complete the outdoor rides first. Wequickly rushed to Sci-Fi City for “Battlestar Galactica”. I finallymustered enough courage to try the “Human” ride. I was very jitteryduring the queue, and when I got into the seat, I thought to myself, “Whyam I doing this?” As the roller coaster made its climb, I couldn’tcontrol but close my eyes and kept them shut during the whole ride whilescreaming my head off! But I must say it’s really a thrilling ride and amust-try! For the braver souls, you can try the “Cylon” ride thatgoes around and upside down with an intense corkscrew and cobra roll.

Finally, we went for the “Revenge of the Mummy” ride.A friend of mine claimed that this is the scariest ride and I was reallyanticipating the ride. It is an indoor roller coaster in total darkness so Idon’t have to worry about my acrophobia. The ride was indeed up to myexpectations. It was full of excitement and surprises. The only con was that itwas too short! The “Mummy” ride was the last ride we had.

After we came out of the ride, it was raining heavily. Having nochoice, we went for lunch at the nearby Egyptian-themed buffeteria, “OasisSpice Cafe” as we can’t go anywhere too far. The Middle Eastern food wasnot bad but I must say the taste of the Almond rice dessert was very unique.

We went for a shopping spree after we have replenished ourenergy from lunch. We even went for a musical show “Monster Rock”. Iwould advise those of you who wanted to watch it to give it a miss if you arerushing for time. Go only if you have lots of time to spare and nowhere else togo. Enough said.

With that we left the park and promised to return next year whenthe Transformers ride is ready.


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