Dinner @ Shinryoku Yakitori Restaurant

Today is my friend’s birthday and we’ve celebrated her birthday earlier on Monday. As she had requested, we went to Shiryoku Yakitori at Purvis Street. You won’t miss its bright green signboard that bears the shop’s name, 新绿。

I’ve read some of its reviews and most of them say that its service is slow and bad although the food is nice. For us, we were lucky as there is no crowd on a Monday night, so our food was served to us quite promptly. Another trick we used was that we ordered all the food we wanted to eat right at the beginning knowing that it would take some time for them to prepare the food.

We went for the a-la-carte buffet ($48++) and ordered quite a number of dishes. My favourite was asparagus wrapped in bacon, grilled prawns and grilled chicken wings. My friend strongly recommended the salmon skin salad. As I’m not a big fan of raw vegetables, I shall not comment too much on the dish.

On the whole, I would say it’s quite worthwhile if you go for the buffet but I wouldn’t say that the food is exceptionally good.

* Salmon skin salad
Assorted sashimi
Ebi fry

Chawan mushi

Grilled Gingko nuts

Chicken with mushroom balls
Grilled chicken

* Asaparagus wrapped in bacon

Enoki mushrooms wrapped in bacon

Grilled squid

* Grilled chicken wings

Fried chicken skin

Sanma fish

* Grilled prawns wrapped in bacon


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