New Year’s Resolution

I have only 1 resolution this year, that is to lose 12 kg (1 kg per month?!).

To achieve my goal, I’ve bought a book about losing weight in Taiwan. The book not only talks about diet, it also introduces toning exercises. On top of that, it teaches one to dress to look slimmer. Most importantly, the book is only SGD 10 even though it’s a full colour book!

In the book, it is mentioned that a common practice is to drink Pu’erh Tea (a type of Chinese tea) to lose weight. The usual practice is to drink a cup of Pu’erh tea with every meal to aid in stimulating a more functional metabolism. It sounds pretty harmless and I shall try that! But do take note that one shouldn’t drink tea on an empty stomach as this will hurt the stomach.

To help myself keep track of my diet, I’ve downloaded an app known as the Calorie Counter from the Android market. It allows one to key in her weight and diet every day and keep track of the amount of calories intake and amount burnt. It is a helpful app to make one conscious of the type and amount of food eaten, as well as to remind one whether she has enough exercise.

With these things to help me fulfill my resolution, let’s hope that I can succeed!

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