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Spotlight Inspiration Room

28 Feb

Recently, I’ve chanced upon an online community hosted by Spotlight. It is an online community for handicraft lovers to share their work.

I’ve registered as a member and had posted the photo of a blouse that I’ve sewn some years back. I’ve also rummaged through my “handicraft bag” where I’ve kept my knitting and sewing projects, for things that I can post. I actually came across an unfinished knitted camisole and a dress that I’ve started sewing but never finish.

I made up my mind to finish these unfinished projects and post them online. Not only that, I may pick up knitting and sewing again!


Where is Romancing in Thin Air (1)?

22 Feb
As a pure love movie, Romancing in Thin Air (2) does touch the heart, but there are quite a few illogical plots in the movie. Nevertheless, it’s still worth watching if you are looking for a touching romantic story.

But one question lingers in my mind: Where is Romancing in Thin Air (1)?

After “googling”, I’ve found the following answer: It is the movie within the movie itself.

That may be quite true but I’ve my own way of thinking. I felt that Romancing in Thin Air (1) refers to the love between Sue and her husband whereas Romancing in Thin Air (2) refers to the love between Sue and Micheal. Do you agree?

The beginning is the end?

19 Feb

I heard a saying in a Taiwanese idol drama recently.

(Having something marks the beginning of losing that thing)

So is it true?

Another character in the same show gave a very good answer which I agree totally:


(Even if having something marks the beginning of losing that thing;
It still means that we have had that something;
It’s better than not having anything at all!)

Starry Night

19 Feb

I was taking a cab home one night and I heard May Day’s Starry Night (星空) over the radio.

I first heard the song in the similarly entitled movie, Starry Starry Night (星空).
I liked the song as it complements the movie very well.

My favourite lines from the song are:

摸 不 到 的 颜 色 是 否 叫 彩 虹 ?
(Are colours that cannot be touched known as rainbow?)

看 不 到 的 拥 抱 是 否 叫 做 微 风 ?
(Is an embrace that cannot be seen known as a breeze?)

这 一 刻 独 自 望 着 星 空从 前 的 从 前从 没 变 过
(I’m looking at the starry night now, a past that has never changed.)

How true the words are?!
You can see a rainbow but can never touch it.
You can feel a breeze but can never see it.
As for the stars that we see in the sky, we are looking at how the stars appear many years ago.

She’s not that wicked!

5 Feb

The Wicked Witch of the West is not wicked at all! She’s just misunderstood. This is what I’ve learnt from the musical, Wicked.

Wicked is currently showing in the Grand Theater at Marina Bay Sands. It tells about the story of how the Wicked Witch of the West and Glinda the Good met and became friends and “foes”. It is an enjoyable show with humourous lines that are simply unforgettable. One will look at Wizard of Oz in a totally different perspective after watching Wicked.