Starry Night

I was taking a cab home one night and I heard May Day’s Starry Night (星空) over the radio.

I first heard the song in the similarly entitled movie, Starry Starry Night (星空).
I liked the song as it complements the movie very well.

My favourite lines from the song are:

摸 不 到 的 颜 色 是 否 叫 彩 虹 ?
(Are colours that cannot be touched known as rainbow?)

看 不 到 的 拥 抱 是 否 叫 做 微 风 ?
(Is an embrace that cannot be seen known as a breeze?)

这 一 刻 独 自 望 着 星 空从 前 的 从 前从 没 变 过
(I’m looking at the starry night now, a past that has never changed.)

How true the words are?!
You can see a rainbow but can never touch it.
You can feel a breeze but can never see it.
As for the stars that we see in the sky, we are looking at how the stars appear many years ago.

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