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I’m Not That Girl

23 Mar

After watching the musical, Wicked, I searched high and low for its soundtrack. Finally, I found it in Gramophone at The Cathay. Not only that, the piece that I bought was the last piece in the store!

Although Indina’s “Defying Gravity” is the most famous track, my favourite track is “I’m Not That Girl”. So I decided to post the lyrics and video here.


Hands touch, eyes meet

Sudden silence, sudden heat

Hearts leap in a giddy whirl

He could be that boy

But I’m not that girl

 Don’t dream too far

Don’t lose sight of who you are

Don’t remember that rush of joy

He could be that boy I’m not that girl

 Ev’ry so often we long to steal

To the land of what-might-have-been

But that doesn’t soften the ache we feel

When reality sets back in

Blithe smile, lithe limb

She who’s winsome, she wins him

Gold hair with a gentle curl

That’s the girl he chose

And Heaven knows I’m not that girl

 Don’t wish, don’t start

Wishing only wounds the heart

I wasn’t born for the rose and the pearl

There’s a girl I know

He loves her so

I’m not that girl


Uniqlo: Orla Kiely Collection

21 Mar

Another of my favourite clothing brand is Uniqlo from Japan. It has recently collaborated with Orla Kiely, an Irish, London based designer. Together, they have created a collection of tees and stoles that boasts some of her classic, bold and colourful prints.

I’ve bought a tee and a stole from this collection. To complete the look, I’ve also bought a pair of legging pants.

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Off White Orla Kiely Short Sleeve Graphics Tee: SGD 24.90

Orange Orla Kiely Stole: SGD 16.90

Olive Easy Leggings Pants: SGD 34.90

Easy Elegance @ H&M

19 Mar

H&M opened on 3rd September in Singapore last year. It has since became one of my favourite shopping places. My first encounter with this Swedish fashion store was in Amsterdam. I find their prices relatively more reasonable as compared to other deparmental stores in Europe. Not only that, their design can also be compared to bigger names like Zara and Topshop.

Here’s my latest purchase from H&M, a two-piece dress with a summer feel. I love the colour combination, blue, white and green. The stripes also subtlely indicate a nautical design, an all-time favourite during summer.

Price: SGD 79.90

* Picture with courtesy of H&M

Kabuki in Singapore: The Masseur and the Thief

18 Mar

Yesterday, I watched The Masseur and the Thief (Anma to Dorobo) at SOTA. It is a Kabuki performance brought into Singapore by the Vivid Creations. This is the first Kabuki performance in the Southeast Asia region! Kabuki is an original form of traditional Japanese theatre, something like what Chinese opera is in the traditional Chinese performance art.

The performance was divided into 3 sessions: The Workshop, Kabuki Dance, Kabuki.

The Workshop introduced Kabuki makeup and the actor for the Kabuki Dance, Sukeroku, put on his makeup on stage, something that one won’t even see in Japan.  A volunteer from the audience was also asked to become a model for the Kabuki makeup and it was fun to see him being transformed into a Kabuki actor.

The Kabuki Dance was Sukeroku. The actor danced gracefully to the Shamisen accompaniment, using his props such as a purple umbrella and wooden flute.

The 3rd session was the Kabuki play, The Masseur and the Thief. It was a comedy about the comical conversation between a blind masseur and the thief who broke into his house to steal his money. There’s a twist at the end of the play too! All in all, it’s a light-hearted performance that one can enjoyed.

In case if you are wondering whether I understand Japanese, I don’t. I watched the play through the English subtitles available. 🙂

Not That New Kid On the Block

16 Mar

Hello there! I’ve just imported my blog at Blogger into WordPress. However, I’m not that new as I’ve already had a travelling blog, A Traveller’s Song in WordPress. 🙂

JF Records is a blog for me to record bits and pieces of my life. Hope that you’ll enjoy reading it!

Lunch at Antoinette

11 Mar

If you walk past Antoinette (Mandarin Gallery) during weekends, you’ll always see a long queue outside the Parisian patisserie. Therefore, when I met up with my friend last Friday to have lunch and tea, the first place that came to my mind was Antoinette.

We were indeed lucky as there was no queue even though the restaurant was quite packed. We were given a table immediately. The waiters were friendly and would tend to your needs almost immediately when we looked up for help. Good service!

The food was also delicious. I ordered their sandwich, Club Antoinette and it was yummy! I simply love the yuzu crab mimosa with mustard filling! My friend ordered their savoury crepe, Concorde, which has roasted chicken and bacon as the toppings. We ordered tea and an ice cream to share as the portion of their mains were really big!

All in all we had a good time and a happy catch-up chat!


Antoinette at Mandarin Gallery:

333A Orchard Road, Mandarin Gallery, #02-33/34, Singapore 238897
11am to 10pm daily (Last order 9.30pm)
(65) 68369527
*Walk-ins only.