Kabuki in Singapore: The Masseur and the Thief

Yesterday, I watched The Masseur and the Thief (Anma to Dorobo) at SOTA. It is a Kabuki performance brought into Singapore by the Vivid Creations. This is the first Kabuki performance in the Southeast Asia region! Kabuki is an original form of traditional Japanese theatre, something like what Chinese opera is in the traditional Chinese performance art.

The performance was divided into 3 sessions: The Workshop, Kabuki Dance, Kabuki.

The Workshop introduced Kabuki makeup and the actor for the Kabuki Dance, Sukeroku, put on his makeup on stage, something that one won’t even see in Japan.  A volunteer from the audience was also asked to become a model for the Kabuki makeup and it was fun to see him being transformed into a Kabuki actor.

The Kabuki Dance was Sukeroku. The actor danced gracefully to the Shamisen accompaniment, using his props such as a purple umbrella and wooden flute.

The 3rd session was the Kabuki play, The Masseur and the Thief. It was a comedy about the comical conversation between a blind masseur and the thief who broke into his house to steal his money. There’s a twist at the end of the play too! All in all, it’s a light-hearted performance that one can enjoyed.

In case if you are wondering whether I understand Japanese, I don’t. I watched the play through the English subtitles available. 🙂

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