My Favourtite Anime Theme Songs

Recently, I’ve watched a Japanese variety show that did a special episode on popular 80’s & 90’s songs that the Japanese love to sing during Karaoke. To my surprise, there were quite a number of theme songs from animes. So, I’ve decided to post some of my favourite anime theme songs here. Not sure if they are your favourites too 🙂

    #1: Records of Lodoss Wars – Adesso e Fortuna & 炎と永遠&風のファンタジア

    #2: Rurouni Kenshi – Heart of the Sword

    #3: Evangelion – 残酷な天使のテーぜ


One thought on “My Favourtite Anime Theme Songs

  1. Neon genesis Evangelion… I can still remember that. One of my fav. animes. Thanks for bringing back memories!

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