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Attack of the Hello Kitties!

20 May

After 12 years, Hello Kitties plushies are back in Mcdonalds! They created a big sensation and buying craze 12 years ago. Will they do the same again? Back then, the kitties were sold as a set of 2 – both Hello Kitty and Dear Daniel. This time round, it’s just Hello Kitty, but she’s cosplaying as the different characters from Macdonalds.

I’ve just bought Hambuglar and will continue to collect the other 3 kitties. Who can resist the cuteness of the cat without a mouth? So, what are you waiting for? Go and get yours now while stocks last! 😉


Origins of the Armani Hairstyle

13 May

Ever wonder where these celebrities get their inspirations for their hairstyles?


I seriously suspect it’s from this famous character! 😉

A for Avengers

12 May

If you have not watched The Avengers, please go and watch now! It is a movie that’s packed with action and humour and there is not a boring moment at all.

Being a superhero (or heroes) movie, it is of course exciting and full of action. But what makes me love the movie so much is to watch the superheroes arguing with one another but eventually work well together to fight the villians. This is especially true for the Ironman and Captain American. I’m really tickled by the funny conversation between the two of them!

Another superhero that’s worth mentioning is the Hulk. In this chapter, he’s no longer the one who wreck havoc and his smashing proves to be useful this time. Not only that, I feel that he’s the comic relief in the show and there are really hilarious moments coming from him.

So what are you waiting for? Go and watch the show! 😉


Tea Break @ Arteastiq

6 May

Every day, around 4 something in the afternoon, the canteen owner will push a trolley filled with coffee, tea and snacks to our office’s doorstep, and some of my colleagues will enjoy their tea break. Last Friday, we were released at 3 p.m. and we decided to bring our tea break to Arteastiq.

We ordered the Afternoon Treats Special which costs around $48++ for two. The set includes 2 Speciality Tea of your choice, a 2-tier tray filled with Atlantic smoked salmon, smoked Turkey ham, top shell, crabmeat salad, Arteastiq crispy wrap (filling is of your choice) and orange or apple cakes.

The food is not bad but the ham and salmon is a bit on the salty side. The Arteastiq crispy wrap reminds me of the Indian prata. The only difference is that it is used to wrap some food which in our case is smoked chicken breast. The best treat from the tray has to be the top shell.




Mandarin Gallery, #04-14/15 333 Orchard Road, Singapore 238867

Opens: 11:00 am-10:30 pm Daily

For Tea Lounge reservation, please call 6235 8370


Ambush – Fast Casual European Dining in the Neighbourhood

1 May

I met up with a friend for lunch in Junction 8, Bishan. At first I thought that we would end up in a usual neighbourhood restaurant such as Swensens or Ding Tai Feng. However, I chanced upon an interesting looking restaurant on the 2nd floor offering European food. So, we decided to have our lunch there as it’s not very usual to find a restaurant that offers European cuisine in a neighbourhood shopping centre.

The menu was very special as it was designed to look like newspapers. There were a variety of German, Belgian, Spanish and Italian dishes (and many more that I can’t remember) to choose from. Both of us were attracted by the German Pork Knuckle but too bad they do not have it. In the end, we ordered Smoked Pork Bratwurst, Fish and Chips, Pan-seared Salmon, Raspberry Italian Soda and Iced Peach Tea. The food was quite delicious, although the bratwurst was slightly salty. We paid about S$50 plus for the lunch and I think it is value-for-money.

Overall, I think this restaurant is a good choice if you are tired of the usual restaurants or if you are looking for value-for-money European cuisine.

As for myself, I’ll definitely visit the restaurant again and try their mussels and pork knuckle, and I’ll remember to take more photos and post them here! 🙂



Junction 8, Bishan


(65) 6353 3960