A for Avengers

If you have not watched The Avengers, please go and watch now! It is a movie that’s packed with action and humour and there is not a boring moment at all.

Being a superhero (or heroes) movie, it is of course exciting and full of action. But what makes me love the movie so much is to watch the superheroes arguing with one another but eventually work well together to fight the villians. This is especially true for the Ironman and Captain American. I’m really tickled by the funny conversation between the two of them!

Another superhero that’s worth mentioning is the Hulk. In this chapter, he’s no longer the one who wreck havoc and his smashing proves to be useful this time. Not only that, I feel that he’s the comic relief in the show and there are really hilarious moments coming from him.

So what are you waiting for? Go and watch the show! 😉



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