National Geographic Cafe in Singapore

I’ve always passed by the National Geographic store at VivoCity. It seems interesting but I’ve never gone in to take a look.

When I decided to spend my birthday with my two good friends at VivoCity, HungryGoWhere recommended National Geographic Cafe as one of the choices. So, I gave it a try.

The cafe is very quiet, a good hangout place for friends to chit-chat over a drink, away from the bustle of people and activity outside.

However, if you are looking for good food, I’m afraid you may be disappointed like me. We ordered grilled mussels, seafood basket, chicken wings, seafood spaghetti and pork chop. The best dish would have to be the chicken wings. The seafood spaghetti used the exact ingredients as the seafood basket, just that spaghetti was being added. The grilled mussels was average but the pork chop was really tough. Not only that, the portion of the chop was small, even for ladies!

The drinks are not too bad as I ordered fresh carrot orange juice. All in all, a good place for chit-chatting over some drinks, but not one to satisfy hunger and taste buds!

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