Am I Proud of Feng Tianwei’s Win in the Olympics?

My brother just asked me whether I’m proud of Feng Tianwei winning the bronze medal for Singapore. I told him very frankly I don’t really care because table-tennis is not my favourite sports. I added that I’ll still be equally indifferent even if it was won by a “true-blue” Singaporean. He walked away, obviously not happy with my answer.

I’m sure many Singaporeans who read this blog entry will feel a slight anger at what I’ve just written. Firstly, I must state the fact that I’m a “true-blue” Singaporean, my grandparents, parents and I are born and raised in Singapore, though I can’t say much about my ancestors. But then again, whose ancestors are not from other countries?

I can understand why some Singaporeans feel that they would have felt prouder if the medal was won by a “true-blue” Singaporean. What I can’t understand are those people who claimed that Feng played for money and don’t deserve the reward. Well, she trained hard, represented Singapore in the Olympics and won a medal. So, why doesn’t she deserve the reward? If it was a Singaporean who won the medal, can you say for sure that he or she is so patriotic to Singapore and isn’t playing for the monetary reward.

I must admit that I don’t like some of the “foreign talents” too as some of them really behave in an uncouth manner that is at odds with our culture. But still, I feel that in Feng’s situation, we need to be fair to her. She has played for us and has done us proud by delivering a bronze medal. So, let’s give her a break and welcome her victorious return.

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