A Word A Week Challenge – Different

A Word A Week Challenge is hosted by Skinnywench from A Word in Your Ear. As this is not a photo challenge and participants are welcomed to post in any forms, I decided to be different (this week’s theme is different! ;)) and post a review.

Recently, I need a haircut badly as my hair is out of shape and it has two different tones – my real hair colour and the dyed parts. So, I called to make an appointment only to find that my hairstylist had left the salon that I patronised. Having no ideas where my hairstylist has went to, I decided to try out the Japanese hairstylist that two of my friends go to.

Having decided to try a different hairstylist, I requested the hairstylist, Masashi san, to give me a new look but keep the length. I also wanted a new colour, something darker than my current colour. What he did for me was really different. My previous stylist does not like to do layering on my hair but Masashi san layered my hair generously and gave it a new shape. He even cut a fringe or bang for me! The look I have now is really very different from my previous few hairstyles.

Masashi san is a hairstylist at Midori’s. Their service is good and Masashi san is really friendly and skilful. I was the last customer in the salon and Masashi san and another lady were the only ones left (the rest of the hairstylists had already left), but Masashi san did not rush through the cutting. In fact, he paid great attention to how the shape turns out and tried to perfect it. Great professonalism! Another thing that I like is that he is willing to cut short hairstyle for me. Most of the hairstylists that I have before all say that short hairstyles do not suit me. But Masashi san said that it’s ok for me to have short hairstyles as long as he cuts it according to my face shape. Too bad I wasn’t prepared to cut short hairstyle today, or else I’ll definitely request him to do so for me.



238 Thomson Road

#03-43/44 Novena Velocity  S307683

Tel: 63582900


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