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It’s a DIY Christmas!

29 Dec

I’ve been diy-ing  (is there such a word?!) this festive season. From gifts to nails, I do it myself.

DIY photo frames


DIY coasters


DIY nail art



Bikers’ Paradise: Handle Bar

16 Dec

Last Friday, a few friends and I went to Handle Bar at Sembawang. It is a bar/restaurant with a bikers theme, and it is really a cosy open-air hangout place for real bikers. We saw a few groups of bikers coming in to have their dinner and a few rounds of beer. We ordered Cocaine Wings (they are hot!), Potato Wedges, Sausages, Tenderloin, Righteous Ribs, Silence of the Lamb and Fried Chicken. I love the sausages, ribs and lamb shanks, the meat was really tender and juicy!

We spent about SGD 204 for the dishes we ordered. It is slightly on the expensive side as it’s about SGD 51 per pax but the food is quite good and nothing beats eating under the starry night! 🙂

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57 Jalan Mempurong

(You’ll need a car to go there!)


Matsuri Beauty Day Out by Shiseido(Senka)

9 Dec

Last week, I’ve received an edm from Senka Singapore to be invited to their beauty workshop: Matsuri Beauty Day Out! It is an event exclusive to Watsons members. Since it is a free workshop, I decided to go and take a look.

The worshop consists of 3 parts: Skincare by Senka, Makeup by Majolica Majorca and Haircare by Ma Cherie. They are drugstore brands under Shiseido.

2012-12-08 14.01.07

Firstly, we tried the Senka products. Their products are 2-in-1 as their makeup removers do not require double cleansing and their toners double up as a moisturiser. For those who are not comfortable with these ideas or for those who needs more moisture in their skin, they also have a cleansing foam, Perfect Whip and a moisturiser, Moisturising Moisturiser. During the session, we used their Perfect Gel to remove make-up. It was very thorough in removing my foundation and makeup, but it didn’t remove my mascara properly (that could also be due to the fact that I didn’t apply it to my lashes well). After that, we applied their Moisturising Lotion. They have 2 series, Hydrating and Whitening. Each serie is further divided into Supple or Moist, Supple being a lighter texture (more watery). As I’ve very oily skin with pigmentation, I used the Supple Whitening Moisturising Lotion. It was very light and can be easily absorbed. However, my friend who tried the Moist Hydrating Moisturising Lotion felt that the texture was sticky. Lastly, we complete the regime with UV gel (sunscreen), SPF 50, PA +++.


Next, we tried to achieve Majolica’s look in their Chapter 35: Circus Ecstasy collection.

majolicaHere are the steps and products I used to acheive a similar look (actually quite different due to my lack of skills and look! LOL).

  1. Apply makeup base, Skin Lingerie Pore Cover. This helps to even the skin tone and conceal large pores.
  2. Apply 2-way cake, Skin Remaker Pore Cover to your face, using a press and roll motion on areas that need more concealing. I used Orche 10 which is suitable for fairer skin with a pinkish tone.
  3. Draw your eyebrows. I used Super Slim Brush to outline the shape of my brows, then fill in with Powder Brush.
  4. Apply Brows Lush Colorist to the hairs of your brows to complete the brow look. This is especially useful for me as I’ve used a lighter shade of the brush colour (due to my hair colour) and the colorist conceals the natural colour of my eyebrows.
  5. Apply an eyeshadow of your choice over the ball of your eyes. I used a coppery brown from Rags to Riches in the Jeweling Eyes series.
  6. Clip your lashes.
  7. Line your upper lash line with crayon eyeliner, Cream Eyeliner in brown. Then go over that with Trick on Liner in Rose Clown.
  8. Apply a masacara base, Lash Bone that helps to lengthen and thicken the lashes, followed by Lash King in black.
  9. Appy 3 dots of Cream de Cheek to your cheeks and blend. I used a pink/coral shade.
  10. Apply lip gloss, Honey Pump Gloss NEO to your lips. I used Lace Stitch, a very light pink as I already had some lipstick on my lips.

2012-12-08 23.19.11

Lastly, the organiser introduced Ma Cherie’s products and applied them on some of the participants to demonstrate on how to use the products. There wasn’t much hands-on in this session as we overun and time is up for the session. But nevertheless, I must say Ma Cherie’s products have a nice fruity smell.

Finally, there was a discounted sale for Senka’s and Ma Cherie’s products and I bought Senka’s makeup remover, Perfect Liquid which is more suitable oily or oily combination skin.


A Peplum Top with aTwist

7 Dec

Peplum has dominated the fashion world for the past few seasons. I’ve been spotting quite a number of peplum tops, skirts, dresses, cardigans  and coats in magazines and shops. I finally gave in to this trend and decided to DIY one myself. After making this decision, I searched through YouTube and Pinterest for ideas and how-tos. There are some links below that you may want to take a look.

My final decision was to upcycle an existing dress which was too short for me to wear into a peplum top. The top is made of jersey (T-shirt) material and the peplum is made of chiffon, quite different from your usual peplum as it gives a softer, less structured look to the outfit. I got my inspiration from an oufit shown in a Japanese magazine.

Hope you like what I’ve done! 🙂


Materials used:

  • An old dress
  • scissors
  • pins
  • matching thread
  • sewing machine

Skill Level: Super easy. Great for beginners (like me!).

1. Put on the dress and mark where your waist is with some pins.

2. Cut off the bottom of the dress. Remember to leave some allowance (about 0.5 inch) on the jersey part for sewing.


3. Cut off the pleated chiffon portion of the dress and pin it to the jersey top.



4. Sew the 2 portions together and you are done!


Ok, this is quite a bad DIY post about refashion, it is not helpful at all! 😛 Do forgive me as this is my first time writing such a post. I’ll try to write a better post for my next refashion project!


Links showing tutorials in making peplums: