A Peplum Top with aTwist

Peplum has dominated the fashion world for the past few seasons. I’ve been spotting quite a number of peplum tops, skirts, dresses, cardigans  and coats in magazines and shops. I finally gave in to this trend and decided to DIY one myself. After making this decision, I searched through YouTube and Pinterest for ideas and how-tos. There are some links below that you may want to take a look.

My final decision was to upcycle an existing dress which was too short for me to wear into a peplum top. The top is made of jersey (T-shirt) material and the peplum is made of chiffon, quite different from your usual peplum as it gives a softer, less structured look to the outfit. I got my inspiration from an oufit shown in a Japanese magazine.

Hope you like what I’ve done! 🙂


Materials used:

  • An old dress
  • scissors
  • pins
  • matching thread
  • sewing machine

Skill Level: Super easy. Great for beginners (like me!).

1. Put on the dress and mark where your waist is with some pins.

2. Cut off the bottom of the dress. Remember to leave some allowance (about 0.5 inch) on the jersey part for sewing.


3. Cut off the pleated chiffon portion of the dress and pin it to the jersey top.



4. Sew the 2 portions together and you are done!


Ok, this is quite a bad DIY post about refashion, it is not helpful at all! 😛 Do forgive me as this is my first time writing such a post. I’ll try to write a better post for my next refashion project!


Links showing tutorials in making peplums:





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