Bikers’ Paradise: Handle Bar

Last Friday, a few friends and I went to Handle Bar at Sembawang. It is a bar/restaurant with a bikers theme, and it is really a cosy open-air hangout place for real bikers. We saw a few groups of bikers coming in to have their dinner and a few rounds of beer. We ordered Cocaine Wings (they are hot!), Potato Wedges, Sausages, Tenderloin, Righteous Ribs, Silence of the Lamb and Fried Chicken. I love the sausages, ribs and lamb shanks, the meat was really tender and juicy!

We spent about SGD 204 for the dishes we ordered. It is slightly on the expensive side as it’s about SGD 51 per pax but the food is quite good and nothing beats eating under the starry night! 🙂

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57 Jalan Mempurong

(You’ll need a car to go there!)



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