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Tulipmania @ Gardens By the Bay

18 May

Recently, I saw some of my friends and other bloggers posting beautiful photos of the Tulipmania @ Gardens by the Bay. I was so tempted to make a trip down to the Flower Dome and take some photos myself. I finally went on Mother’s Day and there was a 15% discount for Singaporeans buying tickets for both domes.

There were many people at the dome. Beside looking at the tulips fair, there are other flowers, cacti and succulents that we can look at too. I’ll introduce more about the other plants and Gardens by the Bay in my other blog, A Traveller’s Song. This post will be dedicated solely to Tulipmania!

The actual tulip field is right in the middle on the ground floor and is not very big. There are also tulips planted along the way from the entrance to the field. I was a little disappointed with the size of the tulip field but nevertheless was happily snapping away at the flowers with my camera.


_facebook cover photo













If you want to visit Tulipmania, remember to go by 20th May!


Basic Digital Photography 101 @ Haji Lane

5 May

I’ve always wanted to learn more about digital photography but there aren’t many workshops that teach photographers using compact camera. So when I saw a Groupon offer from Fused Studio, I quickly signed up with my friends. Armed with my humble Canon Powershot SX260 HS, I’m ready to learn what it takes to shoot beyond the AUTO mode!

During the workshop, we learn about lenses, shutter speed, aperture, ISO, exposures and white balance. We also learnt about the elements of a good photo – perspective, composition, contrast, lines, patterns, framing, symmetry etc. After which we had an hour of hands-on session to complete the tasks that were assigned to us. We roamed around Haji Lane to try to capture interesting photos. Satisfied with our captures, we then headed back to the studio to choose 4 photos for the assignment, explained our photos and the instructor critiqued them.

All in all, I think I did benefit from the workshop, learning more about my camera and how to adjust shutter speed and aperture. However, I’m still not that comfortable to move beyond the AUTO button. I guess I need to practise more on using manual mode.

Task 01: To capture a moving object (Shutter speed)


I used slow to medium speed shutter 1/30 s, one that shows the movement but yet still able to show that there are 3 blades.

Task 02: To show depth of field (Aperture)


A failed attempt. Took at f/3.5. Instructor says that maybe I could have gotten closer to the object that I want to focus on.

Task 03: To show some elements of a good photo


Rules of Thirds. Instructor says that it can be improved by having a person seated at the table.

Task 04: My favourite photo


Rule of Thirds and contrast of colours.

Here are some other photos that showcase the things that I learnt: