Contractor or Interior Designer?

After I’ve gotten my keys to my new flat, the first thing I did is to check the place and padlock the place. It’s important to check the place to see if everything you’ve requested the previous owner to throw or keep is done properly. If anything is wrong, always contact the previous owner either yourself or via your agent.

Then the most exciting and problematic phase began – the hunt for a contractor or ID. In my case, after some online research and hearsay, I decided to look for a contractor (main con) rather than an ID. Reasons being:

  • a contractor is cheaper; no design fees
  • there are too many horrible stories about irresponsible IDs (not that there aren’t with contractors, but less)
  • I do have an idea what I want to do, so there’s no need for design work

There have to be contestants or participants for the hunt. So how or where do I get them? Well, most of the contractors on my list are recommendations from friends. There’s one recommended by my housing agent. The only one not recommended is the one that I’ve found after searching online renovation forums for months.

Every contractor that my friends recommended, I ran a check on them on the HDB list approved contractors and online forums for reviews. For some, I managed to get some information, for others, there’s nothing on them at all. Don’t panic if you can’t find them on the HDB list. According to some of the contractors, the approval is given to companies that do hacking only. So, for some contractors, they get their sister companies to do the hacking and they are not on the approved list.

Once the list is finalised, the “contest” begins! 😉 Before you continue reading my other posts on the choosing procedure, take part in the poll below. 🙂


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