What to Ask a Contractor? (Invitation to Project Renovation)

project renovation

Now that I had a list of 7 contractors, my next step was how to approach them and ask them for quotations. I’ve searched the internet and came up with 10 questions for the contractors.

Questions for contractors

  1. What’s your company’s name?
  2. Are you a registered renovation contractor with HDB?
  3. How long have you been in the business?
  4. How do you work? Do you have your own workers? Or do you have a few sub-contractors working for you?
  5. Have you renovated 3-room resale flats (or your house model) before? Are there any references that you can show me?
  6. Do you have any renovation packages? Would you advise me to go for package or “ala-carte”? If I’m going for “ala-carte”, how would you charge for the things that I would like to have?
  7. How is your schedule like? If you were hired for this project, when can you start and what is the estimated completion date?
  8. How do you intend to keep me updated of the progress of the renovation work?
  9. What suggestions or advice do you have for the ideas I proposed?
  10. How do I pay? Is it progressively or one lump sum on completion?

First I sms the contractors on the list and ask for their email addresses. Then I email them the ideas and the things I would like to do for my house, as well as the floor plan. I’ve also posed the above questions to them. Some contractors (the younger ones) replied the emails with detailed answers while some (the uncles) called to explain via phone. In fact the contractor that I’ve decided on did not even reply! I had to sms him to ask him if he preferred to talk on the phone instead of through emails.

I then invited the contractors to my new house to survey the place so that their quotations are based on realistic measurements. They can also made a better judgement as to whether there’s a need to hack the existing tiles or not. They’ll be able to foresee any problems that may occur too. Hence it’s important to arrange an on-site review before you ask them to quote.

Now that the invitations had been sent out, the contest “Project Renovation” kick-started! Stay tuned for the introduction on each participant! 😉



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