How to Choose a Contractor

7 contestants, 1 winner. Who’s the winner of Project Renovation?

Alright. I’m an ardent fan of Project Runway and that’s why I’m calling this selection for a contractor Project Renovation. 😉

project renovation

Contestant No. 1 (S)

S had many ideas and suggestions when he contacted me on the phone. However, during the on-site review, he showed a lack of interest and was not confident when I posed him some questions about the conditions of the ceiling and the arrangement of furniture. He also suggested some impractical ideas such as placing a hammock in my living room. I was thinking “Yes, I wanted a beach/coastal theme but why would I need a hammock for?”

Verdict: OUT

Contestant No. 2 (T)

T didn’t even bother to return my sms or email. So, I guess he’s just not interested in the project.

Verdict: OUT

Contestant No. 3 (D1)

D1 was a typical sales person kind of contractor. I can sense his experience as he surveyed the unit. However, his super-confident “I can do anything and everything” attitude was just not my cup of tea. I don’t think we will have a good working relationship as he would most probably dictate the project.

Verdict: OUT

Contestant No. 4 (D2)

D2 was very young but he seemed to be quite experienced as he surveyed the unit and took measurements. He was able to answer most of my questions and gave suggestions to the layout of furniture. He submitted a detailed 1st quotation and was among the top 3 contestants. However, he made a few careless errors and blunders when he submitted his 2nd quotation. He was also late in submitting his 2nd quotation, so my confidence in him did dropped slightly and I decided to choose another contractor.

Verdict: 2nd runner-up

Contestant No. 5 (Y)

Y was the only one who was on time for the on-site review. He was very experienced in surveying the unit and taking measurements. He was the only one who noticed that the kitchen’s ceiling is lower than the living room’s ceiling. He was able to give good suggestions and he sent in a detailed 1st quotation too. His quotes aren’t the lowest but I chose him in the end because of his experience and his special method in building the counter for the sink.

Verdict: Winner

Contestant No. 6 (F)

F was from a big reputable company recommended by my agent. He surveyed the unit and was able to answer my questions. But when I asked him whether he needs to take measurements, he said there was no such need. That really gave me an impression that he wasn’t interested in my small project at all. He came most probably because his boss was my agent’s friend. His 1st quotation was a combination of a package price + extra things that I requested. After comparing with other quotations, I found his not detailed enough with some important things such as lighting left out.

Verdict: OUT

Contestant No. 7 (W)

W was a very meticulous person who had very good suggestions to save money. His team’s workmanship was very good when he showed me a unit that he did for a lady. This goes to show that he has good working relationship with his clients. He was one of the top three too. However, what makes me drop him was that he sent in a 1st quotation that was not fully broken down. Also, I feel that my project was not suitable for him. He’s a contractor who takes real pride in his work and uses good materials (can be expensive) and I had a really really tight budget. So, I decided to choose Y over W even though W’s quotation was the cheapest.

Verdict: OUT

The winner for Project Renovation is Y! Y is Mr Yeak from Basic Image and Design. Do come back for more on the progress of the renovation. 🙂


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