Plans for My House: Before Renovation

I’ve been writing about how to choose a contractor and tiles for the kitchen and toilets but I’ve forgotten to show you the original state of my house and my plans for it.

So here you go! The house is at least 30 years old. It had underwent HIP (Home Improvement Program) with the door and toilets being renovated. The rest of the house is in a mixture of 80’s and 90’s renovation style.

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Although the toilets had underwent HIP but I simply don’t like the colour – baby blue and pink! No offense to fans of these colours but they are simply not my favourite colours. So, I decided to remodel the kitchen and toilets. I’ve also included plastering and painting of the whole house, as well as re-wiring and installing new windows and grilles.

I like coastal themes. So, my idea is to have lots of white, turquoise, greens, blues and accents of yellow and coral. Think FRESH!

So, I made used of online 3D programs such as Homestyler and free downloadable software such as SketchUp to help me draft out the look and layout I want. This helps me to explain my ideas to my contractor.

Ok. I know the pictures are far from the word FRESH but there are limitations to my knowledge and skills in using the programs. However, I’m working very hard to achieve the look I want within limitations!


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