Renovation Shopping: Week One

My 2nd shopping task: Buying sanitary ware and kitchen ware. My contractor recommended Chuan Heng Hardware which is located at Jalan Besar. There are quite a few other hardware stores along Jalan Besar and I intended to go there and explore. However, due to my busy schedule at that time, I could only shopped at Chuan Heng Hardware.

The lady who served me was very helpful. My contractor gave me a list of items that I need to buy and I just go according to the list and asked her for recommendations. I also informed her about my budget and asked her questions. It helped that I did a bit of research before I went down.

In the end, here’s my list:

  • 1 set of Hobz hob and hood
  • 1 set of Elleci composite kitchen sink + 2 arm tap
  • 2 sets Munich bathroom accessories
  • 2 sets of basin + pop-up waste + Lubben tap
  • 2 sets of water heater
  • 2 sets of MaClaire WC

I got all these for quite a reasonable price , within my estimated $3K budget.



Here are other hardware stores at Jalan Besar that you can go to:

  • GR link Marketing
  • Hoe Kee Hardware

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