Renovation Shopping: Week Two

My contractor recommended Chelsea Lighting to buy my lights. After some research on the Internet, I found 2 other lighting shops in the same block as Chelsea. They are Hylite Deco and Pan Tech Lighting. So, I decided to give these 3 shops a visit and compare the prices.

I visited Chelsea Lighting first, they quoted me around $900. I then moved to Hylite Deco which have the same kind of lighting as Chelsea. They quoted me $800. My last stop was Pan Tech. They have very different collections from the other two. The lady there quoted me $600 plus. I was thrilled at the low pricing and decided to buy from Pan Tech. Moreover, the lady said that they used Phillips bulbs. However, as she wrote the invoice, she realised that she miscalculated and said that it should be $700 plus. I thought that was still not so bad and she started calculating again and realised it should be $800 plus. I was very unimpressed by this unprofessional service and decided not to buy from them. In the end, I bought the lights from Hylite Deco who gave the lowest quotation.

Here’s my list of lighting:

  1. Pendant drum light (2)
  2. Pendant light (1)
  3. Round light (1)
  4. Square light (2)
  5. Bulb and holder (3)

2013-12-01 12.33.20

However, I do have a minor complain about Hylite Deco. They told me that they will give me Osram bulbs but in the end, only the pendant drum lights came with Osram bulbs. The rest are fitted with Liyoda bulbs, a brand that I’ve never heard of.


Chelsea Lighting, Hylite Deco and Pan Tech Lighting

353 Jurong East Street 31, Singapore 600353

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