Renovation Process: Week Three

The re-wiring was done during Week 3 and I’ve also arranged for the OpenNet to come down to install the termination point. Remember to always do these concurrently and work closely with your contractor when to get OpenNet people to come down.

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It was also time to choose the wall paint, window grille design, toilet door design as well as the kitchen cabinet laminate and countertop. So exciting! This is the crucial part whereby my decisions will determine whether the coastal theme is achievable.

Wall Paint

Plan: I wanted light turquoise for the living room. Lime green for the bedrooms.

Actual: There’s no light turquoise in the Dulux Pentalite series that my contractor provided. In the end, I chose Light Topaz which is the closest shade that I can get. But Light Topaz is not available in the Pentalite series, so I have to ask them to mix the paint to get the colour. There’s no extra cost for this service though. My bedroom will be in Cool Lime and my parents chose Cornfield.

Kitchen Cabinet Laminate and Countertop

Plan: I wanted white cabinets with dark brown wooden countertop.

Actual: Wooden countertop is out for my tightly budgeted quotation. So the next best thing is a dark coloured solid surface. I still went with the white cabinet but I decided to put a twist to it. My contractor suggested using a wood grain laminate with a white countertop for my cabinets and showed me what he did for a customer. It looked great, however, as my flooring is dark, I really want the idea of a white cabinet with a dark countertop. So,I decided that the main cabinet with the stove and sink will be white. The side cabinet opposite it will be wood grain. I like the idea as the cabinets will not end up looking too matching. Let’s hope it’ll turn out well! Keeping my fingers crossed! 🙂


Here’s a link to some advice from Rebecca Robeson on how to custom make cabinets for kitchens:


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