Renovation Process: Week Seven

The final week! The bathroom accessories were installed and the renovation is complete! Time to get my furniture. 🙂

2013-12-22 14.00.13

Here’s a a Before-after transformation comparison of my unit.


3 thoughts on “Renovation Process: Week Seven

  1. Hi there, i’m quite impressed by your home renovation. I just recently purchased a 3-rooms resales unit in Yishun. My unit is facing the corridor. Are yours the same? Did you change the living room window to have more privacy?
    Other than changing the kitchen and the bathrooms flooring, did you change the living room and the two bedrooms flooring, like overlaying the tiles etc?
    Would you mind to give me your ID’s contact?
    Appreciate that, thank you in advanced 🙂

  2. Hi Chuan, my unit is facing the corridor too, and I did changed the windows in the living room to have more privacy.
    No, I did not change the flooring for the living room and bedrooms. Overlaying is actually not encouraged by some contractors as it may lead to tiles cracking easily.
    He’s Mr Yeak from Basic Image and Design Pte Ltd.

    1. Thanks for your prompt replies. Maybe I would just proceed to lay Vinyl flooring instead. I will contact Mr. Yeak to get the quotation.

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