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Tim Ho Wan, Finally!

30 Mar

The first Tim Ho Wan outlet at Plaza Singapura was opened in April last year. There is consistently a long queue outside the restaurant. Everyone wants to try how good the food is since its Hong Kong main outlet is a 1-star Michelin restaurant.

I finally get to try the Dim Sum on Friday night. All thanks to my colleague who knocked off early and queued for us. So, what’s my verdict? Well, it’s definitely worth the queue! We ordered 10 dishes and all but one dish were very delicious.



Our favourites would have to be the following:

  1. Baked Bun with BBQ Pork (酥皮焗叉烧包) – The skin is so flaky and thin, and the BBQ pork is just nice, not too fatty. It definitely changes my view of boring cha siu pao.
  2. Rice with Chicken, Sausage and Mushroom (腊肠北菇鸡饭) – The rice is as fragrant as chicken rice but without the oily feel.
  3. Pan Fried Carrot Cake (香煎萝卜糕) – One can really taste the turnip shreds and it melts in the mouth too!
  4. Tonic Medlar and Osmanthus Cake (杞子桂花糕) – Refreshing and slightly sweet with an osmanthus fragrance

2014-03-28 19.17.08


2014-03-28 19.19.00

2014-03-28 19.24.53

2014-03-28 19.28.20

2014-03-28 19.36.16

2014-03-28 19.45.42


Tim Ho Wan


Plaza Singapura

68 Orchard Road



Goededag! More Red, White and Blue Nails!

30 Mar

Goededag! It means “Good day!” in Dutch. Still in nail painting mood, I’ve continued with the red, white and blue series, and the resulting nails came out to be mini Netherlands flags. This becomes an inspiration for me on what to paint for my nails during World Cup. If you would like to know which team I’m rooting for, look out for my DIY nails posts in June! 😉


Captain America Nails

29 Mar

Here it goes! Captain America nails!

Wore it to the movie yesterday 😉


These are the steps I followed to achieve the nails.

Cap A nails steps

DIY Nail Painting

26 Mar

I would like to share my recent DIY nail painting with you. Here they are! 🙂

My next idea is to paint Captain America nails. Hope that I can manage that.



Egg Mayo Sandwich

12 Mar

I’ve realised that there are some eggs, butterhead lettuce and celery left in my fridge that were 1 week old. So, I’ve decided to make some egg mayonnaise sandwich for breakfast.


Here are the simple steps to making egg mayo sandwiches. Sorry for not able to give specific amount of ingredients needed as I just prepare according to taste.

Egg Mayonnaise Sandwiches

Servings: 4


  • 6 large eggs
  • 5 – 6 stalks of celery (diced)
  • mayonnaise (as much as you like)
  • pinch of salt
  • butterhead lettuce
  • wholemeal bread


  1. Boil the eggs in a saucepan. Remove from heat once it’s boiling. Cover and let them sit for 8 min.
  2. Transfer the eggs to a pot of cold water. Let the eggs sit for about 30 min.
  3. When the eggs are cool, drain the water and peel the eggs.
  4. Place the hard-boiled eggs into a large bowl. Mash them with a fork and spoon.
  5. Add some mayonnaise, then add the celery. Stir.
  6. Add more mayonnaise if needed and some salt to taste.
  7. Place a piece of lettuce on a slice of bread. Scoop some egg mayo salad onto the lettuce. Cover with another slice of bread and cut the sandwich into half.
  8. Place the sandwich in the fridge for a while for better taste.


Here’s a video that I’ve found on teaching us how to boil eggs perfectly.

With Love, Marshmallow Muffins

8 Mar

Recently, my friend’s wife just gave birth to a baby girl. Today is their boy’s birthday party and their girl’s first month. So, I decided to make some muffins for these two dear friends of mine.

I came across a marshmallow muffins recipe in Muffins & Bakes that seems so appropriate for a kid’s birthday bash! I tried out the recipe yesterday and ended up with some not so good-looking muffins. Though they do taste good, especially if you have a sweet tooth. Why do I say they are not so good-looking? As you can see from my photos, there are holes (not small ones, mind you) in my muffins! These are due to the melted marshmallow bursting out of the muffins!

2014-03-08 01.35.35

Anyway, here’s the recipe that I’ve followed. In the Reflections section, I’ll give some suggestions and changes to the recipe.

Marshmallow Muffins

Servings: 12 muffins or 28 mini muffins


  • 70 g of unsalted butter (melted in a pan)
  • 275 g of plain flour
  • 6 tbsp of cocoa powder
  • 3 tsp of baking powder
  • 85 g of caster sugar
  • 100 g of chocolate chips
  • 55 g of coloured mini marshmallows
  • 1 large egg
  • 300 mL of milk


  1. Sift the flour, cocoa powder and baking powder together into a large bowl.
  2. Stir in the sugar, chocolate chips and marshmallows
  3. Mix thoroughly.
  4. Whisk the egg, milk and melted butter together in a separate bowl.
  5. Stir the liquid mixture into the flour to form a stiff mixture.
  6. Line the cupcake maker and spoon in the mixture.
  7. Bake for 6 minutes. Take out the muffins to cool before storing.

marshmallow steps


  • The melted butter curdles when the milk was poured in. Reason being the milk was just taken out of the fridge and is too cold. Lesson learnt is that the milk should be at room temperature.
  • The marshmallows melted and burst out of the muffins. I’ll suggest not to mix the marshmallows into the flour mixture. Instead, add them during the last step when we spoon the mixture into the cupcake maker. We can spoon a bit of the mixture into the tray, put in a piece of marshmallow and top up with the mixture to cover it.
  • The chocolate chips are not obvious. We can sprinkle a few chips on the surface after we spoon the mixture into the tray.

Final Installation of Furniture! We are Ready!

4 Mar

IKEA was having promotion again a fortnight ago! So, I went down again to get whatever that is lacking in my new place. This time round, I got a desk, chair, bar stool and coffee table. Each item was under SGD 100! Really value for money! Best part of the deal is that they delivered the very next day.

Coincidentally, my sofa and wardrobes arrived the following day. All of a sudden, we are ready to move! Hooray! 😀

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