My Rendition of Monet’s Palazzo Dario

Recently, I’ve signed up for painting lessons at My Art Space. I’ve always loved painting and have picked up painting again after my friend introduced me to Art Jamming. However, I feel that there’s a need to improve or learn more about painting. So, that’s why the decision to pick up painting lessons.

The structure of the lessons is such that your first art piece will be a rendition of a famous artist’s work. They let us pick one photo of an art piece (mostly impressionism work) and let us reproduce. The rationale behind this is to try to understand how the artist paint by trying to replicate the work. There are instructors to guide us and these instructors will provide one-to-one advice. So, you paint at your own pace and you receive teachings specified to your needs.

I’ve spent 7 weeks to complete my rendition of Monet’s Palazzo Dario. The longest I’ve ever spent on a painting. Almost feel like stopping and giving up on the 6th lesson but I still pressed on as I truly feel that the painting is incomplete. And at long last, I’ve completed the painting on the 7th lesson. Although it’s not a 100% replicate but it’s the best that I’ve done within my understanding and skills.

So, here you are, my first art piece at My Art Space! 🙂

2015-03-28 16.03.03

The Process

This is no hard and fast rule but can be served as a general approach to painting.

1. Block painting in monochrome to get the right values of the colours.

2. Applying the colours in flat tones.

3. Working on the textures.

(By far, the hardest but most rewarding in terms of learning!)


(The picture on the 6th lesson is missing. Sorry about that! ><)

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