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Final Installation of Furniture! We are Ready!

4 Mar

IKEA was having promotion again a fortnight ago! So, I went down again to get whatever that is lacking in my new place. This time round, I got a desk, chair, bar stool and coffee table. Each item was under SGD 100! Really value for money! Best part of the deal is that they delivered the very next day.

Coincidentally, my sofa and wardrobes arrived the following day. All of a sudden, we are ready to move! Hooray! 😀

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IKEA Home – IDEAL Home

12 Jan

It’s time to buy my furniture since my renovation is complete. I’ve always been a big fan of IKEA and it’s definitely first choice on my list. In fact, I wanted to get all my furniture there but the weekend I went to was so SUPER crowded because of their 35th anniversary promotion, the sofa and wardrobes I want were out of stock. 😦

So, in the end I only got my book cases, TV console and dining table with chairs.

Here are the pictures after round 1 of furniture installation! 🙂

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Renovation Process: Week Seven

1 Jan

The final week! The bathroom accessories were installed and the renovation is complete! Time to get my furniture. 🙂

2013-12-22 14.00.13

Here’s a a Before-after transformation comparison of my unit.

Renovation Process: Week Six

16 Dec

Why is Week 5 missing? Well, my contractor was away on a cruise trip with his family. Good break for him! 🙂

When he was back on Week 6, he worked on the kitchen cabinets and we also discussed on how to install the bathroom accessories. Previously, I’ve mentioned that I’ve purposely chose different laminates and countertop for my main cabinets and side cabinets. Here’s the effect! What do you think? Does it look weird or good?

Renovation Process: Week Four

15 Dec

Week 4! The exciting part: painting the walls. Finally I can see how the colours will turn out and whether they will match the coastal theme that I’ve in mind. I’ve tried my best to choose fresh colours. 🙂

My contractor also installed the lighting. For lighting, I’ve chosen only 3 that will be the focus points – the 2 pendant lights in the living room and the one that will be above the dining table. All 3 give me a natural feel, so I think they should be able to tie in the fresh coastal theme.

Renovation Process: Week Three

10 Dec

The re-wiring was done during Week 3 and I’ve also arranged for the OpenNet to come down to install the termination point. Remember to always do these concurrently and work closely with your contractor when to get OpenNet people to come down.

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It was also time to choose the wall paint, window grille design, toilet door design as well as the kitchen cabinet laminate and countertop. So exciting! This is the crucial part whereby my decisions will determine whether the coastal theme is achievable.

Wall Paint

Plan: I wanted light turquoise for the living room. Lime green for the bedrooms.

Actual: There’s no light turquoise in the Dulux Pentalite series that my contractor provided. In the end, I chose Light Topaz which is the closest shade that I can get. But Light Topaz is not available in the Pentalite series, so I have to ask them to mix the paint to get the colour. There’s no extra cost for this service though. My bedroom will be in Cool Lime and my parents chose Cornfield.

Kitchen Cabinet Laminate and Countertop

Plan: I wanted white cabinets with dark brown wooden countertop.

Actual: Wooden countertop is out for my tightly budgeted quotation. So the next best thing is a dark coloured solid surface. I still went with the white cabinet but I decided to put a twist to it. My contractor suggested using a wood grain laminate with a white countertop for my cabinets and showed me what he did for a customer. It looked great, however, as my flooring is dark, I really want the idea of a white cabinet with a dark countertop. So,I decided that the main cabinet with the stove and sink will be white. The side cabinet opposite it will be wood grain. I like the idea as the cabinets will not end up looking too matching. Let’s hope it’ll turn out well! Keeping my fingers crossed! 🙂


Here’s a link to some advice from Rebecca Robeson on how to custom make cabinets for kitchens:

Renovation Shopping: Week Two

9 Dec

My contractor recommended Chelsea Lighting to buy my lights. After some research on the Internet, I found 2 other lighting shops in the same block as Chelsea. They are Hylite Deco and Pan Tech Lighting. So, I decided to give these 3 shops a visit and compare the prices.

I visited Chelsea Lighting first, they quoted me around $900. I then moved to Hylite Deco which have the same kind of lighting as Chelsea. They quoted me $800. My last stop was Pan Tech. They have very different collections from the other two. The lady there quoted me $600 plus. I was thrilled at the low pricing and decided to buy from Pan Tech. Moreover, the lady said that they used Phillips bulbs. However, as she wrote the invoice, she realised that she miscalculated and said that it should be $700 plus. I thought that was still not so bad and she started calculating again and realised it should be $800 plus. I was very unimpressed by this unprofessional service and decided not to buy from them. In the end, I bought the lights from Hylite Deco who gave the lowest quotation.

Here’s my list of lighting:

  1. Pendant drum light (2)
  2. Pendant light (1)
  3. Round light (1)
  4. Square light (2)
  5. Bulb and holder (3)

2013-12-01 12.33.20

However, I do have a minor complain about Hylite Deco. They told me that they will give me Osram bulbs but in the end, only the pendant drum lights came with Osram bulbs. The rest are fitted with Liyoda bulbs, a brand that I’ve never heard of.


Chelsea Lighting, Hylite Deco and Pan Tech Lighting

353 Jurong East Street 31, Singapore 600353