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Tim Ho Wan, Finally!

30 Mar

The first Tim Ho Wan outlet at Plaza Singapura was opened in April last year. There is consistently a long queue outside the restaurant. Everyone wants to try how good the food is since its Hong Kong main outlet is a 1-star Michelin restaurant.

I finally get to try the Dim Sum on Friday night. All thanks to my colleague who knocked off early and queued for us. So, what’s my verdict? Well, it’s definitely worth the queue! We ordered 10 dishes and all but one dish were very delicious.



Our favourites would have to be the following:

  1. Baked Bun with BBQ Pork (酥皮焗叉烧包) – The skin is so flaky and thin, and the BBQ pork is just nice, not too fatty. It definitely changes my view of boring cha siu pao.
  2. Rice with Chicken, Sausage and Mushroom (腊肠北菇鸡饭) – The rice is as fragrant as chicken rice but without the oily feel.
  3. Pan Fried Carrot Cake (香煎萝卜糕) – One can really taste the turnip shreds and it melts in the mouth too!
  4. Tonic Medlar and Osmanthus Cake (杞子桂花糕) – Refreshing and slightly sweet with an osmanthus fragrance

2014-03-28 19.17.08


2014-03-28 19.19.00

2014-03-28 19.24.53

2014-03-28 19.28.20

2014-03-28 19.36.16

2014-03-28 19.45.42


Tim Ho Wan


Plaza Singapura

68 Orchard Road



A Word A Week Photo Challenge – Glitter

1 Jan

A Word A Week Challenge is hosted by Skinnywench from A Word in Your Ear. The challenge is to post a photograph, drawing, poem, story, quote, thought – whatever the genre you like best to describe of what that word means to you.. And this week’s theme is Glitter.

When I saw the theme, the first thing that came into my mind is the idiom/quote from Shakespear’s Merchant of Venice, “All that glitters is not gold; Often have you heard that told.” So, I’ve decided that my entry should have something to do with this line and I’ve finally made up my mind to compose my very first Haiku poem!

A Spring Afternoon

sun on the river
all that glitters is not gold
pink cherry blossoms



How to write a Haiku:

A Word A Week Challenge – Flower

21 Nov

A Word A Week Challenge is hosted by Skinnywench from A Word in Your Ear. The challenge is to post a photograph, drawing, poem, story, quote, thought – whatever the genre you like best to describe of what that word means to you.. And this week’s theme is Flower.

Flowers are one of the most beautiful things on earth. Very few people will not love these pretty, lovely creations. My favourite flower is the Gerbera, also known as Gerbera Daisy. Gerberas symbolise purity, innocence and beauty. As they come in various colours, they also bring about a sense of cheerfulness and are excellent gifts for happy occasions.

With courtesy of Regine Bosch.

Here’s a list of meanings of different coloured gerberas:

  • Red gerberas – help exhibit  the fullness of your love  for your sweetheart. These beautiful flowers with their velvety  petals will make for a  perfect gift for your lovely  beloved.
  • White gerberas – are known for their cheerfulness, purity and  innocence. Their soothing and comforting effect makes them perfect gifts for those feeling really down and out.
  • Yellow gerberas – convey the  feeling of warmth and  sunshine. Also, the colour is the ultimate symbol of  friendship.
  • Orange gerberas – inspire creativity and vitality in the onlookers. Being a flamboyant and vibrant colour, it radiates the passionate emotions of red combined with sun-drenched feelings of yellow.
  • Pink gerberas – symbolise friendship. If you wish to express feelings like compassion or respect, go for a light pink gerbera, while dark pink gerberas signify appreciation.

A Word A Week Challenge – Colourful

14 Oct

A Word A Week Challenge is hosted by Skinnywench from A Word in Your Ear. The challenge is to post a photograph, drawing, poem, story, quote, thought – whatever the genre you like best to describe of what that word means to you.. And this week’s theme is colourful.

I always feel that colours can affect our moods and we also portray how we feel by consciously or sub-consiously wearing certain colours. My post shall describe how my mood changes throughout the week. Let’s call the entry “Colours of the Week“.

Monday – Blue

Yes! As you would have guessed, my monday colour is blue simply because I always have monday blues! It’s always so difficult to wake up on Monday to work and I’ll be so slow in reacting to things happening around me at work. Guess my mind and heart are still missing the weekends!

Dark blue has a strong sedative effect on the mind. However, too much dark blue can be depressing!

Tuesday – Violet

After going through Monday, I’ve recovered from “weekend withdrawal symptoms” and can now come to terms with waking up early to work and putting in 100% for my work. It is a transformation from the “relaxed me” to the “efficient me”. I do hope I’m efficient though!

Violet and purple are colors of transformation at a very deep level, bringing peace and combating shock or fear. They also have a cleansing effect in emotional disturbances.

Wednesday – Green

It’s middle of the work week. Physically, I usually feel tired at this point but mentally I know that the weekend is coming soon. So, I would say that I’m in a balanced mood, seeking comfortness while feeling a bit lazy but yet looking forward to a brand new weekend that will arrive soon.

Green creates a feeling of comfort, laziness and relaxation, calmness, and space, lessening stress, balancing and soothing the emotions.

Thursday – Yellow

I’ll have an optimistic viewpoint on most things as it is one more day to Friday! I’m starting to feel happier and less tired. To me, Thursday is the eve of the weekend as my weeked starts from Friday’s evening.

Yellow is also a happy, bright, and uplifting color, a celebration of sunny days.

Friday – Orange

Everything is fun and happy on Friday. My colleagues and I would go further for lunch and I’ll usually arrange to meet up with friends in the evening. Even if I go home straight from work, I’ll make sure I’m occupied with doing things that make me happy. I’ll usually sleep later on Fridays too.

Orange is a joyous color. It stimulates the mind, renewing interest in life; it is a wonderful antidepressant and lifts the spirits.

Saturday- Red

This is a day when all the actions take place. I’ll try not to stay at home but go out and meet up with friends to shop or try out new cafes and restaurants, or just simply to catch some good movies. If I’m staying at home, I’ll most probably be painting or reading. There is a long list of things that I would like to do in future too, such as baking, cooking, sewing or making handicrafts.

Red is a powerful color that has always been associated with vitality and ambition.

Sunday – Turquoise

This is a day for me to calm down after all the actions. I prefer to relax at home and watch movies or surf the net. Even if I go out, I’ll try to do so in the morning and afternoon, making sure I’m back home in the evening so that I’ve time to bring myself into a “zen state” and get prepared for Monday (though not very successful).

Turquoise is invogorating, cooling, and calming. Like green, turquoise is good for mental strain and tiredness or feeling washed-out. It is an elevating color that encourages us to make a sparkling fresh start.


All quotes from The Complete Book of Color by Suzzi Chiazzari.

A Word A Week Challenge – Different

8 Oct

A Word A Week Challenge is hosted by Skinnywench from A Word in Your Ear. As this is not a photo challenge and participants are welcomed to post in any forms, I decided to be different (this week’s theme is different! ;)) and post a review.

Recently, I need a haircut badly as my hair is out of shape and it has two different tones – my real hair colour and the dyed parts. So, I called to make an appointment only to find that my hairstylist had left the salon that I patronised. Having no ideas where my hairstylist has went to, I decided to try out the Japanese hairstylist that two of my friends go to.

Having decided to try a different hairstylist, I requested the hairstylist, Masashi san, to give me a new look but keep the length. I also wanted a new colour, something darker than my current colour. What he did for me was really different. My previous stylist does not like to do layering on my hair but Masashi san layered my hair generously and gave it a new shape. He even cut a fringe or bang for me! The look I have now is really very different from my previous few hairstyles.

Masashi san is a hairstylist at Midori’s. Their service is good and Masashi san is really friendly and skilful. I was the last customer in the salon and Masashi san and another lady were the only ones left (the rest of the hairstylists had already left), but Masashi san did not rush through the cutting. In fact, he paid great attention to how the shape turns out and tried to perfect it. Great professonalism! Another thing that I like is that he is willing to cut short hairstyle for me. Most of the hairstylists that I have before all say that short hairstyles do not suit me. But Masashi san said that it’s ok for me to have short hairstyles as long as he cuts it according to my face shape. Too bad I wasn’t prepared to cut short hairstyle today, or else I’ll definitely request him to do so for me.



238 Thomson Road

#03-43/44 Novena Velocity  S307683

Tel: 63582900

Things that Make Me Happy

7 Oct

This week’s Weekly Photo Challenge’s theme is Happy! I’ve already posted in my other blog, A Traveller’s Song the photos I’ve taken that made me happy during my trips. Over here, I’ll post some of the activities that make me happy when I’m not travelling.

Am I Proud of Feng Tianwei’s Win in the Olympics?

6 Aug

My brother just asked me whether I’m proud of Feng Tianwei winning the bronze medal for Singapore. I told him very frankly I don’t really care because table-tennis is not my favourite sports. I added that I’ll still be equally indifferent even if it was won by a “true-blue” Singaporean. He walked away, obviously not happy with my answer.

I’m sure many Singaporeans who read this blog entry will feel a slight anger at what I’ve just written. Firstly, I must state the fact that I’m a “true-blue” Singaporean, my grandparents, parents and I are born and raised in Singapore, though I can’t say much about my ancestors. But then again, whose ancestors are not from other countries?

I can understand why some Singaporeans feel that they would have felt prouder if the medal was won by a “true-blue” Singaporean. What I can’t understand are those people who claimed that Feng played for money and don’t deserve the reward. Well, she trained hard, represented Singapore in the Olympics and won a medal. So, why doesn’t she deserve the reward? If it was a Singaporean who won the medal, can you say for sure that he or she is so patriotic to Singapore and isn’t playing for the monetary reward.

I must admit that I don’t like some of the “foreign talents” too as some of them really behave in an uncouth manner that is at odds with our culture. But still, I feel that in Feng’s situation, we need to be fair to her. She has played for us and has done us proud by delivering a bronze medal. So, let’s give her a break and welcome her victorious return.